Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for private sessions and classes are available in demoninations of your choice, from a class to series of classes, or private session to a series.



A Gift


of peaceful meditation and
Gentle, Yin Restorative or Vinyasa yoga

 Personalized flexible sessions
Designed to address your vibrant health goals or issues

Caryl Sickul, MA, DMT
Movement Specialist and Wellness Consultant


  At my Studio 166 Rock O Dundee Rd

South Dartmouth Ma 02748

or your location

   Please Call: 508 536 8935                                  E-mail:csickul@comcast .net

Caryl Sickul, MA, DMT, Movement Specialist & Wellness Consultant

508 536 8935  166 Rock O Dundee Rd,  Dartmouth, MA

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