What People Are Saying...

“Caryl is part yoga instructor and part personal trainer, customizing sessions to address my chronic problem areas. The time I spend with Caryl is both a workout and a form of stress reduction.  I forget about my problems and business issues … and leave feeling relaxed and focused.” 

- Scott, Financial Advisor - Private Client 



"Every class provides opportunities for growth, challenge, and renewed physical and mental energy. Her focused approach and insights are extremely helpful. Caryl is unfailingly positive and open in her teaching. She possesses the glow of health, and a rare inner strength and peace which she shares." 

- Rose , Brown Medical School - Classes and Private Client    


I applaud Caryl's method of teaching yoga and truly appreciate her teaching techniques."

- Nina, World Traveler - Classes


“At the age of 67, I had a variety of issues that interfered with the quality of my life. After only a few months I see a vast improvement in my posture, energy level, and general well-being.” 

- Bonnie



"Caryl is a remarkable caring and intuitive trainer who understands how the body links to other aspects of life. Her innovative combination of yoga, dance and her personal intuition creates powerful and unique custom solutions that assist in personal transformations.
- Andy, President Snider Associates - Private Client



“My husband …and I have attended Private Sessions for specific issues and now have been coming to practice for over a year. It is wonderful for us to do this together.”

- Sylvia, Nursing Professor & Richard,  Private Contractor & Designer



“I returned to yoga following surgery to my shoulder. I found that my range of motion and strength

gradually improved.”

- Connie, Nurse Practitioner



“Gentle yoga class has given me a sense of well-being after my stroke.”

- Dottie



“In the 12 years since I began Gentle yoga at age 70, I am stronger, have a lot more flexibility, move with confidence and improved balance.   The meditative sessions are as good for the mind as for the body.”

- Mary Ann


Caryl Sickul, MA, DMT, Movement Specialist & Wellness Consultant

508 536 8935  csickul@comcast.net  166 Rock O Dundee Rd,  Dartmouth, MA

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