Nurturing strength, flexibility & joy through unity of body mind spirit

All yoga is a journey, a dance of breath and transformation. The path nurtures enlightenment, compassion and peace. Each individual is welcomed, honored and supported, in a caring community of non-judgmental well-being, focused on health and happiness. I continue to learn with and from my students and am most thankful for each of my teachers and those I have yet to meet.

Classes & Private Sessions in Vinyasa, Yin Restorative & Gentle Yoga

• personalized classes, private or couple instruction in South Coast Massachusetts


• train with a wellness professional with decades of diverse experience

• my studio or your home 

• celebrate special occasions - weddings, bridal showers, birthdays


address your health issues


• Caryl Sickul has an extensive yoga teaching and dance background - as a choreographer, international performer, and academic.

Caryl Sickul, MA, DMT, Movement Specialist & Wellness Consultant

508 536 8935  csickul@comcast.net  166 Rock O Dundee Rd,  Dartmouth, MA

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